Monday, March 30, 2009

Colossians 3:13

"Forgive one another just as Christ HAS forgiven you!".

"He has TOTALLY forgiven you past, present and future and it is not conditional on you forgiving others - it has already taken place at the Cross! You can't mess it up! You have got full forgiveness! And because I know that even if I don't forgive them I am still already forgiven past, present and future then that empowers me to WANT to forgive them. People fear; "If I don't forgive them then God will not forgive me and He will hand me over to the tormentors". That is Jesus preaching before the Cross and before the New Covenant! That is a terrible motive! I forgive so easily because I have been totally forgiven by the Father and nothing bad I am sowing out there can get me to reap bad stuff today".

Reference: Rob Rufus - "Established in Righteousness - Part 2" - City Church International, Hong Kong - Sunday 11th January.

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